My name is Haley. I am a 21 year old College student originally from New Hampshire but going to school in Massachusetts. I just finished spending a semester abroad in Rome, Italy and am now back in Massachusetts to finish up my Bachelors Degrees in Journalism and Political Science.

Traveling is my deepest passion in life. A close second is writing. Unfortunately though, I don’t do enough of either. (Time and Money, always holding me back) I feel that in order to be happy and live a complete life, you need to always follow your dreams and live your passions. And because of this, I will never stop traveling, meeting new people, trying new things and living every day to its fullest possibilities. Which means I probably won’t be settled down for quite a while, its a pretty big world and there is a lot of it left for me to see.

I have no idea what I am doing after college. And I’m okay with that.


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