More awesome people from my travels…. Baths in Budapest, Hungary.

Met these fine young Italian Boys in the Baths in Budapest, Hungary. They were there with their school program and ranged in age from 17 to 21 years old. All from Napoli ( Naples), Italy. We met them when they asked to take this picture with us as we were the only “Americans” in the Baths that day that they had spotted. For the most part their english was really good and they were all very funny and had a lot of great jokes about Italians and Americans. Also they treated us to a serenade of some classic Italian Songs, which I wish I had caught on camera as it was really a once in a lifetime experience. Ended up booping around the outdoor and indoor baths and saunas with them for almost 3 hours until deciding that we were all too waterlogged, pruney  and hot to stay in the baths any longer. After promising to come visit in Naples and getting all their names to look them up on facebook (which we did), we all went our separate ways. Funny how it took going to Hungary to finally meet some decent Italian Men. Go Figure.

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