You meet the Coolest People Traveling- Parker and Kyle. Barcelona, Spain

Met these two while napping on the beach on a sunny day in Barcelona. They we’re nice enough to save me and my visiting roommate from home, Sarah, from a creepy middle aged spanish man who kept asking us if we wanted his company in very broken english. Clearly no wasn’t an international word to this guy.

These two come strolling down the beach and must have seen us getting very upset and uncomfortable and talking in English so they decided to sit near us and initiate a conversation. The creepy Spanish man left shortly after.

Parker and Kyle, age 24 and 25 respectively are from California and are both recent graduates of Cal Poly. Parker is an identical twin and is a Stock Broker in California. After two years playing for various teams in the NFL and coaching at his former college, Kyle is taking some time off and traveling through Europe using his graduation present from a family friend of two first class tickets. Parker’s now gone back to California and Kyle is still on the road, perhaps coming to visit in Rome.

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