Our Best Attributes are sometimes our Fatal Flaws.

My entire life my Mother has always told me that I’m too quick to forgive and forget. You could punch me in the face and then apologize and I will most likely forgive you almost immediately, especially if there is an explanation tacked on to your apology. Even a lame excuse or story will instantly redeem you and gain back my trust. I genuinely¬†trust almost everyone in what they say and do. I’ve always given people the benefit of the doubt. While some might find these features admirable and positive, as I do most of the time, I feel like more often than not they come back to bite me in the ass. It leaves me open to let liars, deceivers and not genuine people get too close. And when you let people like that get too close, you’re bound to get hurt time and time again, and often by the same people repeatedly.
Which brings me to my second fatal flaw. I’m an open book. Entirely too easy to read. Some call it “Wearing your heart on your sleeve”. And it’s true. If I like you, you will know, and if I don’t, you will know as well. If you make me happy you’ll be able to see it in my face and body language and if you’ve hurt me it’s even more obvious. Again, you might be saying this is a good quality for someone to possess, but it never works out for the best. It makes sticky situations almost unavoidable and conflict constantly around.
My last fatal flaw is my complete lack of a mental filter. I speak my mind and what’s in to an almost extreme state. I say and do whatever pops into my head without even a seconds hesitation sometimes. This mixed with my all too quick temper have gotten me into a lot of trouble in the past, saying and doing things that do more harm than good in the long run, no matter what the original intention was.

But the funny or sad part about all of these personal attributes is I like them. Our flaws are what makes us human and unique. And although my fatal flaws may prove themselves to bring more bad than good throughout my life, I wouldn’t change them. They have led me to some really great places and really great people. I feel I can connect with people on a different level by being brutally honest, wearing my heart on my sleeve and being forgiving and trusting, and feel like some of the connections I’ve made with others are more meaningful and deep than many will get to experience in their lives. So, in other words, I like myself the way I am and I wouldn’t change me for the world.

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