Getting comments… I was a failure.




So the assignment to get as many comments as possible I posted about a topic I originally read an article on in the Collegian about a little known bylaw in Amherst which makes it illegal for more than four unrelated people to live together in the same residence. Until recently, this bylaw was never enforced, but lately a few cases have caused kids to loose their off campus housing. I was pretty outraged by the story so I figured others would be too. However, the response wasn’t really what I expected. This was the comment fray from the post.


Yeah, kind of nuts. I agree with you that people who live here, should not complain. Even professors here try to live in a surrounding town. I’ll tell you one thing… I will not raise my kids in a college town like this for a number of reasons… Mostly because I bet they’d turn into raging alcoholics by the time they were 13, and probably start having underage sex because theyd be at college parties by the time they were 8 1/2.



The drug-free school zones are also kind of crazy. There’s grammar school right next to North Apartments. Technically, we can’t even kick back with a blunt in our own apartments. Oh wait, that’s probably not allowed regardless…



This is funny because I heard people talking about this the other day on the bus. This rule is a ridiculous they have to expect that especially in a college town thousands of kids are going to be looking for off campus housing. This rule needs to be changed and should be different if it is students living in a house.


Yeaa, I am living in a house next year with 5 girls. I am pretty sure we read about this law in the Collegian and then immediately laughed and proceeded to sign our lease :)


I also interjected a few comments into the fray to try to generate more responses, but had no luck. Overall, I was pretty much a failure at the project.

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One Response to Getting comments… I was a failure.

  1. braddurkin says:

    YEAH THATS RIGHT! You better Bolden my name. I think that it was a good topic, and you just weren’t able to find friends that cared. What I did was I went out on the street and showed a little leg, holding a sign that had my blog address on it. When in doubt, skank it out. That’s my motto.

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