Facebooking… Commenting right?

So my friend Mike (aka Maag’s) just climbed Mt. Washington to ski Tuckerman’s this past weekend. And this has a lot of meaning to me. One, I am from NH and love the 603. Two, the Mount Washington Valley is one of my absolute favorite places on earth and I used to vacation there every year. Three, skiing Tuckerman’s is very very dangerous (one reason I’ve never done it…), and with all the warm weather as of late (especially this past weekend) I was pretty worried about my friends safety in an avalanche prone area. However, he returned fine and posted his pictures on facebook. So I took the liberty of posting on his wall and commenting on one of  his pictures.


Haley Omand

Haley Omand Alright… so how was Tuckerman’s???

(on his wall)




 Haley Omand
Gotta Love Route 16 in NH… absolutely beautiful when you go through the Notches. =D
(on his photo)

picture from Mike's photo album entitled "Tuckerman's Ravine!"

picture from Mike's photo album entitled "Tuckerman's Ravine!"

He’s yet to respond, but hopefully he will!



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One Response to Facebooking… Commenting right?

  1. braddurkin says:

    Truth be told, I snowboarded Tuckermans a few years ago. Walked up that bitch which sucked, and when you clip in there is no turning back. I will never do it again, not the best time on a board. I think I just wanted to die in some odd way. Oh and newsflash for ya… The man on the mountain that everyone thinks fell… I’ve got his nose under my bed, and the Native Americans who want that piece back, are going to have to fight me for it. With spears.

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