A link from Ashton Kutcher.

So when going to delete my twitter account, I just happened to notice a tiny url posted by Ashton Kutcher  saying “apluskit’s like eating a steak with a balloon on your tongue.http://bit.ly/ousJG

So obviously curious the the hell that ment, I clicked on the link it showed this picturecensorship_penciland had a comment section underneath… since I disagree with censorship, I partook in the commenting. I kept it short and sweet.

“Love it! So so true!”


However, everyone above me had commented the same thing “Copy & Paste if Ashton Kutcher brought you here from Twitter!!”

Just another example of how twitter, mainly with the help of celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, is ruining the world.

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One Response to A link from Ashton Kutcher.

  1. braddurkin says:

    While I have never tried writing a paper with a massively thick pencil covered in a condom, I’m guessing it wouldn’t feel as good. So in one way you are right. But if you look at the tip on that thing. I thing the condom actually would lessen the amount of lead that would impact. Thank god I put condoms on all my office supplies now.

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