Twittering…. Tried it, its still STUPID.

So I’ve had a twitter account for a while no (by no choice of my own). And honestly, I’ve tried to understand why its a news source and why people are all hyped up over it, but after giving it all I’ve got, I still don’t get it and don’t understand why we were required to sign up for an account. It’s useless on all accounts. It is not a news source, that honor still goes to actual news and blogs. It is not a social network, no one cares that you’re listening to eminem while reading the NYT, what you just ate, or what you’re girlfriends ass looks like when she’s bending over to iron your shirt.  

Honestly, I feel like its another way from self-involved people to stroke their egos. Clearly if people are following them, those people MUST care what the other is doing every second of every day. Clearly the poster is that important. Get over yourself.


My main complaints about twitter are as follows-

1) Its confusing 

2)It’s not easy to use

3) Its hard to understand what people are writing

4) It has been hyped up too much

5)Its loaded with older folks and celebrities

(Although now the older folks part can now be said about facebook as well, but I still stand by facebook as more valuable than twitter)

I sent a direct message and received 2 direct messages since being told to follow the people of the journalism world. 


  1. ColonelTribuneColonelTribuneI don’t think I’m THAT random!

  2. ColonelTribuneColonelTribuneThank you for the follow, Haley. It’s a pleasure to Tweet you.


My response was-

ColonelTribuneColonelTribuneHa, sorry I’m following you for a journalism class. Pleasure to tweet you too.






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