Plagiarism in the Daily Collegian

After reading through the stories posted on the Feedback class blog about the controversy about Daily Collegian columnist Nicole Sobel blatantly plagiarizing a op-ed run in the New York Time just three days earlier, I have to admit I’m happy I don’t write for the Collegian. Like honestly, reading through the piece I just sat there flabergasted… how could the editors not see that this was plagiarized? Honestly, does this seem like the type of writing that often appears in the collegian by a staff member ( who most likely isn’t a journalism major since most of the staff isn’t, which might explain their clear disregard for journalistic rules).


Anyways, I decided to weigh-in on the comment board under Professor Steve Fox’s follow up piece published in the collegian about the controversy. The original comments that set me off were as follows-

taxi “

Nicole Sobel has no excuse. She knew was she was doing and she did it. She wanted to seem smarter than she actually is and tried to way too hard to prove herself. Because of this, her chances at succeeding in the world of journalism are slim to none. On the other hand, so are everyone else’s, even those who play it straight from here on out. These days, a journalism degree is about as worthless as a degree in English.”

Chris “

Taxi, no degree is worthless and to say one is makes you ignorant. If I had to guess, I’d say you’re a business major or a managament major and you think your major is more important. Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. Journalists have plagiarized, doctors have killed patients, policemen have shot innocents. These people still find their places in the world, and Nicole will be no different., She’ll have to work harder to prove that she can do things honestly, but she will eventually overcome this.”

taxi “


i will correct you.

you are wrong.

i am a comm major.

and i have never said her degree was worthless … i said it was *as worthless* as an english degree. there’s a significant difference.”


Here’s the comment that I left-

“I love that taxi believes that journalism and english are worthless majors…. and somehow communications isn’t? HA.”
I have yet to be commented back but I have a feeling I will be.

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