Abusing Yelp… Northampton Brewery.

So like what I did on Yelp! with Buffalo Wild Wings, I also did for my other job, the Northampton Brewery. This place had a lot more reviews, most good or at least okay, but the rating was a little low. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve never eaten their food or drank their beer… in fact the first time I ever went to the place was last week for my interviews after applying for the job online… but I liked the place. Good looking food, cool interior, fantastic deck area, and a nice local feel that I look for when looking for places to pay money to eat in ( I kind of despise corporate…. I’ve worked in too many). So in line with doing things for my own personal benefit, and proving that these kind of websites are easily manipulated I left the following comment-

“Absolutely amazing atmosphere, great local beer, and fantastic food. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to eat, drink and relax while visiting Northampton!!”

(I decided to keep it short and sweet unlike most on Yelp! that write novels about what a good/bad experience a place was).


So now I just have to wait and see if business is in fact improved through my selfish and coercive abuse of a rating website for my own monetary gain.

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One Response to Abusing Yelp… Northampton Brewery.

  1. ScottB says:

    You are gaming the system!

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