Abusing Yelp!… BWW edition.


So using my own name and location on Yelp! (which could turn out to be risky…) I left the following feedback for Buffalo Wild Wings Hadley.

“A lot of people hate on BWW  because its no Wings Over Amherst…. to those people that don’t like BWW they don’t get the point.
Although some of the food might be sub-par, a lot more of the food (Wedges with Queso) is fantastic. The beer selection is great, 24 on tap. But the main thing about the place is the atmosphere… trivia, sports on tons of Tvs, lots of Beer events and giveaways and a great staff.
As someone who’s been to the Hanger, if you don’t get there by a certain time early in the day, its nearly impossible to get a table, the place is too small and not enough variety on whats on the few televisions there. What the Hanger lacks, BWW makes up for an vice versa.”


There were only 4 other reviews, and 3 of them were far from gleaming, and one was positive… the rating of the place is a meager 3 stars, not exactly the kind of review that would make out of town people (especially with summer orientation right around the corner) running in for a place to eat, especially with the Hanger having fantastic reviews and a way more local tie to the community. I am merely hoping that a little more better feedback on my part on the site will pay off in monetary gains for me in the long run.

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