Better late than never?

So I know to recieve extra credit for this class we were supposed to set up a twitter and make like 20 tweets or something  over spring break.

I didn’t do it.

Didn’t even know it was an option.


So anyways, I finally set up a twitter account. HaleyO12 if you want to see it. Still really absolutely don’t understand what the hype is with this website, but I’ll roll with it. It just seems to have popped up over night and become this huge thing. So I’ve made a few tweets. I’ve put in a picture. I’m following Scott and Adam Sandler since I don’t know anyone else who cares about this website besides Scott and celebrities. And since I generally don’t care about celebrities, thats all I’ve got. 

Anyone have any ideas on what this websites attraction is? Because I honestly just don’t get it!


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One Response to Better late than never?

  1. ScottB says:

    At least you have discriminating taste when picking people to follow!

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