Calling-In Project

So I’m going to say flat out that I kind of cheated on this project. But in the end I DID call into a radio station and I DID make it onto the air, just not for what you may think.

My boyfriends best friend from high school’s name is Gaston. Gaston goes to school at Williams College in Western Massachusetts (even further West than UMass). He is a journalism major and every Tuesday night co-hosts a talk show on his schools radio station 91.1 WCFM. My boyfriend calls in ever now and then to give Gaston a hard time on the air and always mentions me. Gaston and I have never met. So I figured what better way to meet my boyfriends best friend from high school than to call into his radio show and introduce myself at last. Kill two birds with one stone if you will.

Last Tuesday night, at around 6pm, I called into the show and announced to Gaston that I was Patrick Phelan’s girlfriend that he said he’d been dying to meet. The conversation, which was on live air, lasted only about a minute to a minute and a half in which time we exchanged jokes about my boyfriend (he’s a former A-10 runner, has crazy ADHD, and is an art major… all of which makes for a fun an interesting mix and a wealth of things to tease about.) All and all it was fun but also a little scary knowing that my voice was being broadcast for people to hear. ( Although unfortunately I could not hear myself… the radio in my car doesn’t pick up such a far away station).


The art boy himself and I after making a self-portrait involving a painted face.

The art boy himself and I after making a self-portrait involving a painted face.

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2 Responses to Calling-In Project

  1. braddurkin says:

    First off… Your group members suck for not giving you feedback, so I will hook you up…

    First off, Phelan was one of my best friends when I got to Umass 3 years ago, except now I don’t go in his house because I don’t like one of his housemates. Needless to say I’ve heard about his “girlfriend” from the other guys in the house who are my best friends, and had no idea it was you until yesterday. Anyways…

    You didn’t cheat, everyone had a hard time with this one except for me because I was required to be on radio for my job this year. But yeah, you had a conversation with a radio personality. Mission accomplished. Classic Picture, lets exchange Phelan stories some time. Probably one of the most honest guys I know at this school.

  2. M. Callahan says:

    cool concept…

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