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I found a link off of the Masslive main site that links to UMass 101, a blog by a UMass Amherst junior jounalism and anthropology major named S.P. Sullivan. It pretty much highlights all the large and important news stories out of the University. After reading a few of the posts I found blog that interested me enough to comment on it, it was entitled

“Protesters shut down Republican Club’s Don Feder speech at UMass

After reading though the post that just elaborated on what the title said, I decided to join the 2 other people commenting the story on the bottom of the page. My post went as follows-

Posted by Haleyo12 on 03/24/09 at 12:00AM

I love the Republican club for one main reason: they never cease to amaze me with their ability to stir up controversy and draw attention to themselves.

As for Don Feder, I believe he a mean and wicked man through and through and completely disagree with him on most of his opinions. But, agreeing with all the comments above, he does have a right to free speech just as every other American does. The Republican club set up a trap by so widely publicizing this event that it made the most extreme lefts of campus so angry that the fell right into the ploy of the Republican club- to show that liberals are sometimes hypocritical of their own beliefs and values. ( Not to say Republicans aren’t as well).

You’re right SPSullivan, these liberal groups did make a martyr out of Don Ferder, and there was definitely a better way to go about this whole situation.

I have yet to recieve any counter statements but as always, I’ll keep this updated if I do

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