Local news from my home state of NH.

So trying to keep with the idea of entering the comment fray under stories, I decided what better place to write some comments than on my very own local newspaper at home. The Fosters Daily Democrat is a local newspaper for Strafford and Rockingham Counties in New Hampshire. My parents have the sunday edition delievered to our house. I’ve been in this paper numerous times, as have friends and family. It’s very local.

So I checked out Fosters.com, the online news source for the paper and the most viewed story for today was under the headline “Truck falls into 5-foot road hole in Rochester”. 

Now I am a huge fan of New Hampshire and since coming to school at UMass I’ve had to defend my home state and the “Live Free or Die” mentality of the people in it. And this is a story that I would never want my friends to see because I would never live it down… a TRUCK falls into a 5ft deep hole on a public road and it makes the newspaper and is the most viewed story of the day. As my friends would say this is typical of New Hampshire. But since none of my friends are from NH, they don’t understand that Rochester, located right next to my hometown, is one of the poorest and scummiest places in the granite state. So really this story didn’t surprise me at all, seeing as this is the same town where last year a mentally ill person held a the workers campaign office of a senator hostage for hours because he was strapped with a “bomb”… which in the end turned out to be a package of hot dogs or something. 

Unfortunately, there was no place to comment under the story, but I figured it was still pretty funny and the pictures are priceless. Enjoy!

 The full story can be found at http://www.fosters.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090322/GJNEWS_01/703229886/0/FRONTPAGE

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