Masslive Caption Contest

So I’ve always wanted to enter a caption contest, but seeing as I never think of anything that original, funny or uncorny to say, I often just read through everyone else’s submissions and realize how uncreative my brain is sometimes compared to others. However, since this is a class about finding things on the web and getting involved in comment feeds,  I decided to live out my long held dream of entering a caption contest even though I’m 99% sure my caption will never will. The following picture was posted on

My Caption for the picture went as follows-

The Swinger life… its absolutely unBEARable.


I know, not that creative, but I did warn you that I can never come up with something funny thats not corny, its just not in me or my natural sense of humor to do so. Others I considered had something to do with a bear life being for the birds, or something along the line of I’m sick of the bear life, lets try something new. Both not that original. 

There were a few comments I really did like, my two favorites being:


Posted by Fauxorb on 03/22/09 at 10:47PM:Oh, hello! Just performing our annual birdfeeder inspection. Nothing to be alarmed about. Just go on with your business.

Posted by Swinger469 on 03/22/09 at 7:29PM

Hey Come back !! I was just trying to give you a push !!!


The second of these comments I found funny because it was posted by SWINGER. ha.

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2 Responses to Masslive Caption Contest

  1. scottbrodeur says:

    I tried and tried to come up with something witty and then gave up on this one when I saw it.

    My two favorites were the fake craig’s list post and the one that simply said: “You’re home early.”

    It will be interesting to see what wins.

  2. braddurkin says:

    I think I could kill a bear with my bare hands… Not really a comment, just had to let someone know.

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