Entering the Comment Fray for my Favorite Roller Coaster.

After checking under Masslives most commented stories, one in particular caught my eye. It was a piece about the renovations Six Flags New England was making to the ride Superman, the Ride of Steel. My all time favorite roller coaster. And seeing as I loved that roller coaster just the way it was, I don’t want to see it renovated or changed at all ( regardless of the accidents that have occured on it in the last few years). The comments underneath were starting to drift towards a fight about the waterpark and the cleanliness of the waterpark, which really had nothing to do with the story at all, so for my comment I entered into the fray I wanted to see if I could draw the attention of everyone back to the issue at hand- the needless renovation to an already fantastic ride. My comment goes as follows-

Alright, enough about the water park. Personally I think all water parks are a little disgusting, but thats just mine and some other peoples opinion, and its really nothing to get your feathers all fluffed about whether you like them or not.

The real issue here is Superman, Ride of Steel. This is my favorite roller coaster ever and I’ve been on a lot of them all around the U.S. I used to look forward to my mom taking me and my friends on the 3 1/2 hour drive down from NH once a summer mostly for that ride. I’ve been on it at least 20 times. But it sounds like the renovations aren’t going to improve the experience at all, just detract from it. 
I mean really…. Superman purple? and with Speakers? I liked the old ride just fine thank you.


Yet to see if my experiment worked of if I got any feedback, but I’ll keep this posted with any new responses or information.


The story can be found at http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2009/03/six_flags_new_england_in_agawa.html

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One Response to Entering the Comment Fray for my Favorite Roller Coaster.

  1. scottbrodeur says:

    Wow, a rollercoaster purist! Maybe you should write a blog post about the hidden thrills of old, wooden coasters, Haley.

    I’m surprised to hear you did not get (m)any comments on your comment. Seems like it should have gotten some feedback.

    FYI, while I actually enjoy The Dark Knight and even the Mind Eraser at Six Flags, I have never built up enough nerve to go on the Man of Steel ride. And thankfully, so far my kids have not pushed me on it. The shrieks you can hear clear across the park from those on that ride are enough to keep me away.

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