Van Morrison Review

So this is a class about feedback journalism. And blogging. And since it is such we are encouraged to comment on each others blogs. But since people often either don’t do the assignments or don’t do them until minutes before class when I won’t see them, I figure who better to comment on their blog than the teacher himself. Brodeur recently wrote a review on the live concerts Van Morrison preformed in NY for .photo from As a huge fan of Van Morrison who’s been listening to him since childhood ( due to the fact that my parents, particularly my mom, are a little fanatical about him), the article immediately caught my attention. Here was the feedback I gave to the review-


“It makes me sad that more artists now-a-days aren’t as talented as those who came before them. Van Morrison has true talent that has made him popular and a legend in the music world. Some artist now-a-days could really learn a thing from him and other greats of his time.”

I’m eager to see if I recieve any comments to my comments or in return from the author

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One Response to Van Morrison Review

  1. scottbrodeur says:

    Haley, I answered your comment over there

    and now over here!

    Thanks for jumping in and posting your comment. What other music does your mom like? Think she would have dug this show in New York?

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