Quote for discussion

On page 163 of Wahl-Jorgensen, under the heading “Where Do We Go From Here?” comes the following quote-

“A normative vision for journalism must face up to the challenge of the democratic responsibility so central to the institution’s self-understanding, to recognize that the newspaper’s pledge to the public involves more than just providing a “customer service” and a “wailing place.”

She goes on to describe that one paper’s editor offers two seperate columns for readers to participate in a “Letters to the Editor” section along with a “Reader’s exchange” section. Wahl-Jorgensen also says that to improve the letters to the editor section a newspaper editor must have more time in order to more thouroughly read through letters and put forth the best work provided. However, in an industry dominated by deadlines and timeleness, this seems like an unlikely response to the issue. And with the public pressing down ever more on the online front, its hard to divide time to edit and review letters recieved online and actually physically mailed letters to the newspaper.

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