As some of you may have found or been told about, there is a website called The general idea of this website is to post awful and embaressing stories from your life followed by FML (which clearly stands for fuck my life). I’ve been reading and relishing in the stories on this website (which is updated throughout the day everyday) until a real FML moment happened to me. This is the story I submitted this website.

“Today my boyfriend and I decided to go out to dinner at Applebee’s. After sitting through an awkward dinner with my ex as our waiter, we went outside to find the manager of the resturant standing by my car.  My front passenger window was gone, as was my GPS which I’d accidently left attached to my windshield. The GPS was a piece of crap and only cost $50. To get my window replaced was $200. My insurance doesn’t cover break-ins. FML”

I have yet to see it posted but the website gets thousands of submissions a day. 


The website has two buttons below each story for the reader to click on: “I agree your life is F***ed” or “You deserved that one” with numbers of those who have clicked on it next to each one.


The post readers have agreed most that the readers life was truly fucked was this post-


Today, I received my passport in the mail. They got my birthdate wrong. Then I picked up my birth certificate that I had sent in with the application. Turns out my parents have been celebrating my birthday on the wrong day for 16 years. FML

#18551 (99) – 02/09/2009 at 8:55pm by Noname – misc – it definitely is! (69570) – you deserved that one (2288)
The post people agreed most that the person deserved was 

Today, my husband found the box my morning after pill came in. He had a vasectomy 10 years ago. FML

#18272 (111) – 02/09/2009 at 7:46pm by apricot – sex – I agree, your life is f***ed (4663) – you deserved that one (60770)



There is also a comment section under both, but because the comments are moderated,  a lot have been deleted.


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  1. Julien says:

    Good website… actually was the unofficial english version until, FML was lunched a couple of month later. is the original website…

  2. scottbrodeur says:

    I like fmylife. It’s always good for a few chuckles and the cathartic feeling that maybe my life is not so bad.

    I love this recent one…

    Also, I am trying to figure out the worst part of yours: ex as waiter, smashed window or simply the fact that you ate at Applebees!

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