The End of the Book… A review of Wahl-Jorgensen

Dear Ms. Wahl-Jorgensen

After finishing your book, I find that I both agree and disagree with some of the points and statements you make. For example, I think sometimes the letter to the editor section of a newspaper, although as you point out is there with the best intentions, is often misused and abused by newspapers. Often, since the section itself is edited and moderated by editors, there can be an unbelievable bias that shines through. With this limitation on what is said and who is saying it, sometimes stories and comments are one sided. I don’t agree with the editors statement that this section of the newspaper is not edited because it is. If all the letters the company recieves and everything they said in the letters were in the paper, then it would truly not be edited. I understand that papers do this for a variety of reasons including legal, social and moral reasons but since editing does occur, shouldn’t the editors and the papers just own up to it since there are legitimate reasons rather than deny it?

Overall, I think your book does a good job of assessing and analying the use and growth of the letters to the editors section of the paper. I felt I learned a lot that I previously would never have known about the section. Sometimes I did not always agree with the statements said, but overall I think reading this book gave me valuable insight into a historic part of feedback to journalism. 


Haley Omand.

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