Santa gets Sued

In a news article published in the Seattle PI, Santa appears to be in a bit of trouble. The short article, which ran on Febuary 20th runs as follows.


Woman sues Santa, claiming he fell on top of her


CHICAGO — Call it the case of the overserved Santa. Antoinette Basso filed a lawsuit Thursday against a man dressed in a Santa suit who she said stumbled and fell on top of her, knocking her face-first into the sidewalk outside a Chicago restaurant.

Basso claims in the Cook County Circuit Court lawsuit that she suffered “pain … disability and disfigurement.” She’s asking for damages in excess of $50,000.

Basso alleges that the Santa, Daniel Aulwes, appeared intoxicated at the time of the Dec. 7 incident. She’s accusing Aulwes of negligence and negligent battery.

A telephone listing for Aulwes had a recorded message that said the call cannot go through.







Although I have my own thoughts and feelings on this, I’m going to refrain and see if anyone else has anything to say about the story.

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One Response to Santa gets Sued

  1. Christian says:


    Do you own the image that goes with this article please? Or if not do you know who does please? I’m working for a UK TV production company for the BBC and the writers are interested in using the image for a visual gag they are planning.

    My e-mail is

    Hope you can help.

    Kind regards,


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