Facebook Feedback

After last class, I went home and decided to see what kind of feedback from the story of the 13-year-old boy-faced father someone else had posted a link to on there blog. So in my status I posted

My responses I got to this were from a friends mom-
 Robin Misiaszek Sargent at 9:17pm February 18
WOW disgusting
and from my best friend-
 Meghan Iber at 11:37am February 19
that makes me not want to have children 😦
 Also later I recieved a comment on my wall about the status from another friend-

I was overall happy with the response I got, I just wish a few more people had commented on the story, since I’m sure a few more people probably saw the sotry and just choose not to comment on it. It was nice to see that people actually pay attention to my status and what I post in it though.
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