Letters to the Editor

For my letters to the editor, I choose to write to the Daily Collegian and The Boston Globe. My reasoning behind this was that I would more likely be published in the Collegian because it is local and as I am a student at the University, and to shoot for something more by writing to the Boston Globe.

My Collegian letter went as follows-

Daily Collegian,

I would like to commend you on your status of largest daily college newspaper and the variety of stories and topics you cover in your paper. However, as a journalism student I sometimes almost feel pained by reading your paper. Stories are often lacking the very basics of journalism, such as correct ledes and structure.  Often your stories are riddled with fact errors.

I’m not sure if these problems are due to a lack of knowledge or it is some failed attempt to be edgy and different, but whatever it is, I feel as a reader I deserve more. I feel that with some minor improvements to structure, editing and fact checking this papers reputation and standing as a legitimate paper could be enhanced greatly.



My Boston Globe letter went as follows-

The Boston Globe, particularly online, is my number one source of finding out news and current events not only in the region, but also the nation and the world. As a full time student at the University of Massachusetts with a full time job, its often hard to find the time to watch the news or find the money to buy a newspaper, but the availability online helps me to stay connected and up to date. I want to thank you for your quality of writing and your attention to details in your stories. Please pass my compliments along to your writers and entire staff.


I have yet to get a response or have either of these published but I will post new blogs as soon as I hear back. 

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One Response to Letters to the Editor

  1. candace says:

    I never frequent the Boston Globe. I wonder why that is. The New York Times is my preference for a national daily and most of my other news comes from various other sites that aggregate stories by issue.

    What is it about the Globe that draws you there? Are you from the Boston area?

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