High Five’s come to NY.

On the Mission:Improve  video of high fives in NY I left this comment.

“I love how this brightened all those commuters day ( as Michael said…)
It just shows that a simple gesture of a high five from a stranger in a public place is enough to bring some happiness and life into the mundaness of everyday life.
Well done, I loved it. =D”


Although no one left a comment back to me the general concensus was the same… that this was a pretty cool stunt. There were a few that disagreed, such as KeepYourHandsToYourself ‘s comment

“This is depressing because it shows that people are so stupid, sheeplike and afraid they’ll obey the signs and follow the herd even when they don’t really want to.”

I disagreed with his comment, the people who didn’t want to slap his hand clearly didn’t they just didn’t show it on the video… it said they we’re there for 2 hours and obviously this video wasn’t 2 hours long… they only showed the one’s worth seeing. Ironically though, this members name was Keep Your Hands To Yourself… coincidence of conspiracy?

Overall while I enjoyed this video I didn’t think it was anything super special and don’t really understand why we we’re directed towards it for this feedback class.

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One Response to High Five’s come to NY.

  1. scottbrodeur says:

    Perfect blog post. This is exactly what we are looking for in this class. I am sure your future feedbacks will get some of their own feedback.

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