The Grape Lady of YouTube

This has long been one of my favorite finds on YouTube… a guilty pleasure if you will. So seeing this as a prime time to finally comment on it seeing as this is a COMMENT class, I gave it a shot. Here’s what I wrote

“This video is pretty hilarious… But in a way you almost feel bad for the lady. She does this on a LIVE newscast in front of whoever is watching and to add injury to insult the Newscasters themselves are less than sympathetic.

This is still one of my favorite videos on YouTube though.”


I tried to be a least a little sympathetic and show a little intellegence about the video in my comment. However, most of the comments on this video are less than intelligent and look like they were possibly written by a 6th grader. Proof-reading is definitely not a must. It’s also pretty obvious that YouTube doesn’t employ any moderators, or if they do they are not doing their jobs at all. Some of my favorite comments to the video include…

“sounds like a giraffe dieing during an orgasm”

“lol sounds like a wounded seal”

Some comments were completely off base and off topic… and less than appropriate.

“i had sex with your mom! AND SHE WAS REALLY A MAN!”
to which another member responded
“so you had sex with a dude. fag.”
To which the original member responded
“most likely if you respond to someone that posted over a month ago your not going to get a response but your ultra gay and a homosexual”
Which you can see actually have nothing to do with the video at all. The overall quality of comments was very low and very uninteresting.
One thing I did find very interesting about this video is that it was added on December 19th, 2007 and since then had recieved 1,289,246 views and  2,638 comments, the most recent of which was merely minutes ago and has occured in the time I’ve been writing this blog.  Something to think about I guess.
                  Another interesting fact is that the picture I used is from… just to show you really can find a website for anything on the internet.
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2 Responses to The Grape Lady of YouTube

  1. lailaalasmar says:

    I agree with you about the comments! you get a lot o this on youtube.. but i am also another one of those favorites on that video.. that is one of the funniest videos i had ever seen on youtube! i love it!

  2. scottbrodeur says:

    YouTube comments are generally the lowest of the low in terms of meaningful dialogue and conversation. But something tells me you knew that already. I had never seen this video before. Thanks for sharing.

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