Robert Plant Wins Big at the Grammy’s

Robert Plant, best known for his time as lead singer of the 70’s mega rock band Led Zeppelin, has made quite a solo career for himself in the time following his Led Zep fame. The other night at the 51st Annual Grammy’s shows that the 60 year old rocker still has it. The Album, which he preformed with Alison Krauss, “Raising Sand” took home 5 prizes in the night.

The album, which is full of old country songs and rockability was praised by the New York Times in their art section. The Album, which took home Album of the year, beat out modern “heavyweights” of the current music industry, Coldplay and Lil Wayne. An accomplishing feat considering that Coldplay and Lil Wayne put out the top selling albums of 2008.

As a Huge Fan of the Genius that is Robert Plant, especially in his Led Zep days, it makes me happy and even excited that people can still apreciate his talent and commitment to making real and original music after all these years. And whats more, that they see that he deserves real recognition for it.


But even after all of this media hype and long standing fame, Plant still remains humble about his abilities. In the New York Times story “Three Acts Win Big at the Grammys” he is quoted as saying onstage ““I’m bewildered,” Mr. Plant said while accepting the award for album of the year, although he appeared fully confident and calm. “In the old days we would have called this selling out,” he added while gazing at the Staples Center crowd, “but I think it’s a good way to spend a Sunday.” ” I would just like to say kudos to Mr. Plant. Keep on rocking.

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