For a guy in a dying industry, at least he still has a sense of humor… Bill Keller

Bill Keller is an executive editor at the New York Times. And he’s good at what he does.  Reading through the questions asked of him and his answers you can see how he’s made it so such an impressive position… He’s clever and seems to try to keep a positive outlook on just about everything asked of him. I was particularly impressed with his positive outlook on the Journalism industries future. He cites the growing demand for qualified journalist who can write real work. And as a journalism student who’s working her hardest to perfect the art that is news writing by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to an out of state school with a great journalism program, it gives me hope that this won’t be a wasted effort. I may still have a future as a journalist.

As for him himself, he seems like a guy who’s learned the ropes of the industry and knows how to use them to his advantage. It makes us hope as journalism students and enthusiasts that with a little common knowledge, education, cunning and a positive outlook that we could one day be as successful in the industry we love.

Bill Keller

Bill Keller

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